Guided Walk at the Radical Bookfair

Deptford and New Cross in S.E. London have long and surprisingly radical histories which have played a central role in English life: e.g. from the so-called <Peasants Revolt> 1381 to the deadly New Cross Fire (1981) which led to UK’s largest ever Civil Rights demonstration.

For centuries Deptford was the headquarters of English colonialism (Raleigh, Frobisher, Drake etc.). The neo-baroque Deptford Town Hall (1905) was built to celebrate the area’s maritime grandeur which by then had come to an end; its iconography offers an opportunity to deconstruct that problematic past. Goldsmith itself has produced some outstanding figures in art and culture e.g. Malcolm McClaren who began his career as a promoter here.

Goldsmith was at the heart of many radical protests e.g. the Battle of Lewisham 1977 where the violent Far-Right, National Front, were massively outnumbered and defeated. 5000 police outnumbered both sides. Ray is presently writing a new book (‘ The Last Queen of Scotland’) and play about the Scot & civil rights activist Kath Duncan. She played a central role in the Battle of Deptford Broadway (1932) which played a big part in the formation of the NCCL (Liberty’s predecessor).

Fittingly Deptford is one of the locations in the UK where historical sites are keenly contested,

Experienced guides Ray Woolford and Tim Gluckman will lead the walk.

Ray Barron Woolford, lifelong community & political activist, broadcaster and author ‘Deptford’ (a radical history); as founder of UK largest independent food bank, wrote ‘Food Bank Britain’. Ray is a successful social entrepreneur who has won awards for his work on housing & green energy, as well as writing on food, poverty & social justice,

Tim finds exploring history, architecture and local environment etc. adds to his pride in being – like Ray – a local resident

The walk starts at 3pm and should finish around 5.15pm; suitable for wheelchairs, pushchairs and people with limited mobility. The eventbrite link will be posted shortly.

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