Book and Zine Stalls 2018

3 of Cups
A small press, focusing on inclusive publishing and championing marginalised and minority voices. 3 of Cups shares a vision for a more equal, more peaceful, more inclusive world and are dedicated to providing a platform for voices otherwise unheard in the mainstream.  They are a team of women and non-binary folk, and are disability-led.


Active Distribution
Fiercely DIY and Not for Profit anarchist distributor.

Anarchist Communist Group
The Anarchist Communist Group (ACG) is a revolutionary class struggle organisation, set up in February 2018 by former members of the Anarchist Federation in Great Britain.

Amanda Lillywhite and Mark Panton
Illustrator Amanda Lillywhite and Mark Panton will be there with their book Tottenham’s Trojan Horse?, a comic case study of football stadium regeneration being used as a “trojan horse” with which to introduce gentrification and social cleansing.

Anarchist Federation
The Anarchist Federation are involved in all manner of social struggles and to support these they produce practical propaganda and theoretical texts including a magazine Organise!, regular agitational bulletin Resistance and a growing series of pamphlets.AFED

The London group has recently launched its own paper, Rebel City. They also write for Black Flag and Freedom – before it became defunct. Members are encouraged to get involved with any activity they wish to and to develop themselves practically and politically.

And Other Stories
And Other Stories is a grassroots social enterprise that works with writers and translators to handpick the best international books for its readers.

Another Gaze
Another Gaze is a feminist film journal, founded in January 2016, and established to highlight the gender inequality of the film industry and amplify the voices of great, often overlooked, filmmakers who identify as women.


Another Gaze publishes reviews, essays and features, both academic and journalistic, that highlight under-appreciated women filmmakers and question the existing canon. This is accompanied by their ‘In Conversation With’ project: an ongoing filmed series of portraits of women filmmakers from around the world.

Autonomedia is one of the main North American publishers of radical theoretical works, especially in the anarchist tradition.

Base Magazine
Publication produced & sustained by the base collective, contributors & readers. Funded solely by donations & printed by Aldgate Press. Formerly the Occupied Times of London.

Beneficial Shock
Beneficial Shock! is a new bi-annual magazine for film lovers and design enthusiasts, with accompanying screen based motion features that will champion progressive thinking from contemporary illustrators, graphic designers and photographers. Rather than your standard film magazine full of reviews, celebrity news and press images, Beneficial Shock! aims to use illustration, visual documentation and design in humorous and irreverent ways to expressively interpret film related content. In short, film is just the beginning.

The Big Family Press
The Big Family Press is a printing press co-developed by a group of children aged 4 – 11 in after-school care at Oliver Goldsmith Primary School, Camberwell and OOMK. The collective, which convenes every Tuesday afternoon during term-time, creatively and critically explores personal and local narratives through a range of DIY publishing techniques.


Big Family Press with OOMK, South London Gallery, 2018. Photo: Andy Stagg

Black Eye Press
A North London service in screen printing, risograph printing, graphic design, illustration and provision of art and craft workshops.

Book Love
Book Love is an exciting new initiative set up to source, sell, encourage, self-publish and promote beautiful British multicultural children’s books that celebrate diversity particularly children and families of Caribbean/African descent.

Book Love houses work from an amazing new wave of local independent children’s writers who tell rich, authentic stories inspired by the multicultural communities we all live in. Samantha’s passion for the books she collects and sells is infectious and her time is spent traveling to schools, nurseries, fairs, markets and local children’s services running workshops, book clubs and storytellings   – all with one focus – to encourage teachers and parents/carers to read more interestingly diverse storybooks to children.

Bookmarks Bookshop
UK’s leading socialist bookshop. Politics, trade unionism, labour history, environment, black struggle, women, culture, fiction, radical kids books.

Books Peckham
This is the new permanent shop for local bookseller Peter Willis, who started out with a stall on Camberwell Green. Situated next to Peckham Rye station, BOOKS is easy to find and fun to browse. Any collector or avid reader will have a field day rifling through the neatly stacked shelves and tables of quality condition classics, fiction/non-fiction, political theory, art books, zines and more.

Boshemia is brought to you by a global feminist collective based in the UK and US. Boshemia is a place for intersectional feminists and free expression which strives to cultivate an energized and engaged community of feminists who share pop culture, politics, reviews, critiques, and personal essays. Boshemia amplifies marginalized voices and advocates for women, minorities, and members of the LGBTQ+ community.

Carl Slienger (no website)
Specialist publisher and Antiquarian bookseller.
Documenting thorough scholarship and recovering the printed expression of the working class. All periods – all languages – all aspects.

Chronos Publications (no website)
Specialising in translated pamphlets.

Comma Press
Independent publisher of short fiction from the UK and beyond. Northern Publisher of the Year 2017. 

Communist Workers Organisation  (no website)
British left communist group. It publishes quarterly magazine Revolutionary Perspectives.

A quarterly print magazine that aims to make sense of the world through comment and analysis. cover

Copy Press
Copy Press is an independent publishing company, dedicated to extending ideas of writing, pictures and readability. Currently publishing Common Intellectual, a series of 100-page paperbacks that make propositions for living, thinking and enjoyment; and Paraclete, a range of titles addressing what can today be made of advocation.

Cured Quail
A literary magazine whose motto is slow and steady wins the race.

Daikon means “big root” and is a zine by and for south-east/east asian women and non-binary people taking up space in the UK and beyond.Dog_Section_Press_Logo

A magazine for noise and politics.

Deptford Heritage Publishing  (no website)

A selection of  self-produced publications which inhabit the territory between zines and artists books, together with a carefully chosen selection of work from small independent publishers outside the UK. For LRBF, Disinfotainment will have a range of publications from Interference Archive and Just Seeds.

Dog Section Press 
A not-for-profit publisher and distributor of seditious literature which aims to keep their publications as affordable as possible. They distribute books and pamphlets that are inexpensive; at the same time, they refuse to compromise on aesthetic/quality – because there’s nothing too good for the working class.

Esther Greenwood School for Girls
The Esther Greenwood School for Girls has been making fanzines since the late ’90s about devils and hardcore punk, about cats and cassette tapes, and new music and old words—old music and new words—about white Converse and peroxide blonde hair.  

Esther McManuselsewhere.gif
Esther McManus’s work explores approaches for collective learning, where publishing, art and education are seen as practices of learning. They currently teach in both HE and informal contexts; as a tutor at UCA Farnham, and through informal workshops which explore education as co-production and collaborative practice-based research. This research-led, exploratory way of working characterises the collaborations they undertake, and the attitude they bring to teaching and creative practice.

The Feminist Library
The Feminist Library is a large archive collection of Women’s Liberation Movement literature, particularly second-wave materials dating from the late 1960s to the 1990s. Originally known as the Women’s Research and Resources Centre (WRRC), the Feminist Library was set up in 1975, at the height of the Women’s Liberation Movement (WLM), a time of intense political campaigning and lively collective organising.


Five Leaves
Five Leaves is a small publisher based in Nottingham, publishing 15 or so books a year. Their roots are radical and literary. Five Leaves Publications was set up in 1996 and has published around 200 literary, political, social history and other titles, including a strong Jewish list and books for young adults. In October 2013 they secured a lease on 14a Long Row and in November they opened a bookshop with a stock much wider than we publish, but with a strong emphasis on independent publishing.

Freedom Press
The book publishing arm of Freedom Press has a history stretching back to its earliest days bringing pamphlets by luminaries such as Peter Kropotkin to  London audiences, and in the modern era has published every year since 1984, except for 2012 and 2013 following an arson attempt on the building.

gal-dem                   gal-dem
gal-dem is a magazine (online and in print) and creative collective comprised of over 70 women and non-binary people of colour which launched in September 2015. The aim of gal-dem is to open up our take on the world to a wider audience. gal-dem want people from all backgrounds to engage with the work they are doing.

Global Book Marketing
Markets, represents and sells books to bookshops and book-traders in Europe. 

Haven Distribution
Haven Distribution aims to provide practical support to prisoners within the UK by: Purchasing educational literature for inmates who are currently attending courses whilst in prison; Providing dictionaries in English and other languages to inmates whose first language is not English; Providing large print dictionaries and books on improving reading and writing skills to inmates with dyslexia.

Housing Action Southwark and Lambeth are a group of Lambeth and Southwark residents who believe that decent housing is a right. They organise together to support each other with housing problems take action to ensure that everyone has decent homes.


Hook Magazine
Independent print and online magazine that uses the medium of spirituality to talk about contemporary culture.

HopeRoad Publishing
HopeRoad promotes inclusive literature with a focus on Africa, Asia and the Caribbean. They vigorously support often neglected voices and many of their YA titles focus on issues dealing with identity, cultural stereotyping and disability.

Housmans Bookshop
Long-running radical bookshop selling new and secondhand publications on progressive politics.

Launched in the summer of 2013 by a group of students from the School of Oriental and African Studies at the University of London, HYSTERIA aims to be a platform for radical creative discourse about feminism encompassing poetry, text and visual arts.

For HYSTERIA radicalism means countering a feminist mainstream, positioning feminism outside of the norm. It means redefining, going further, never settling. Radicalism requires an ongoing counter to liberalism and a strong class-critique.

IHRC Bookshop & Gallery
IHRC work with different organizations from Muslim and non-Muslim backgrounds, to campaign for justice for all peoples regardless of their racial, confessional or political background.

Our research work includes submitting reports to governments and international organizations, writing articles, monitoring the media, cataloguing war crimes and producing research papers on hate crime, discrimination, the nature of human rights and so on. Their aims are manifold, and take inspiration from the Qur’anic injunctions that command believers to rise up in defence of the oppressed.

IHRC volunteers and campaigners come from many different parts of the world and many different backgrounds to share in the common struggle against injustice and oppression.

Indestructible Energy
Indestructible Energy is a limited edition, submission based, art zine created by Birmingham based photographer and printmaker, Julie R. Kane. The publication explores the relationship between reproduced and original artwork within the context of the traditional fanzine without being bound by conventional zine publishing practices. Aspects of the zine change from issue to issue. Each issue has 100 copies, each copy will include both reproduced and original pieces making each copy an individual piece of art. 

Influx Press
Influx Press publish stories from the margins of culture, specific geographical spaces and sites of resistance that remain under explored in mainstream literature. inpress audre

Inpress Books
Inpress Books are specialists in selling books produced by independent publishers. We support innovative, independent publishers across the UK and Ireland.

Jacaranda is an exciting independent publishing house whose books cross linguistic, racial, gender and cultural boundaries. Jacaranda aim to represent the cultural and ethnic diversity and heritage that can be found in London, with a particular interest in works related to Africa, the Caribbean, and the experiences of those peoples in the Diaspora. They also seek provocative, inspirational writing that shines a light on issues affecting ethnic minorities, women, and young people, and tackles contemporary social issues.

Jacob V Joyce
Jacob V Joyce is a non binary interdisciplinary artist that disrupts commercial and community spaces with queer and anti-colonial, creative interventions. Currently Joyce is the artist in residence at Nottingham Contemporary Gallery. As well as practicing fine art Joyce works as a free lance illustrator creating the art work for international human rights campaigns as well as comic books and zines addressing personal and global instances of systemic oppression.

Khidr Collective
Khidr Collective is a UK-based multidisciplinary arts collective. They produce the Khidr Collective Zine, a biannual print publication showcasing the work of Muslim artists.

Less Than 500
Independent publishers.

Letterbox Library
Letterbox Library is a 34 year old not-for-profit children’s bookseller celebrating equality, inclusion & diversity.

livLiv Wynter 
Liv Wynter is an artist, educator, activist and writer from South London. She graduated from BA Fine Art at Goldsmiths in 2015 and has since become a notable voice within the political art scene. She is Artist in Residence at Tate Britain and Tate Modern on the Education Programme for 2017-18, and Artist Facilitator with Indigo Youth at Hackney Museum August 2017 – March 2018. She recently led a group show at David Roberts Art Foundation (May – July 17), and completed an arts council funded residency at The Royal Standard, Liverpool in 2016. She is a founding member of WHEREISANAMENDIETA and stands in solidarity with Sisters Uncut, London Anti Raids, Action for Trans Health and any other grassroots organisation fighting austerity and oppression. She is also in queer feminist punk band Militant Girlfriend.

Marx Memorial Library & Workers’ School in Clerkenwell aims to advance education, knowledge and learning in all aspects of the working class movement.

Monstrous Regiment
A new indie publishing collective based in Edinburgh. They curate the kind of content they want to see in the world: feminist, bold, intersectional, unapologetic and diverse. Monstrous Regiment was founded by Lauren and Ellen, two publishing students with a mild antiauthority streak who decided to try to be their own bosses. Their publications focus on themes of feminism, sexuality, and gender.

Morbid Books
Publisher. Poet for hire. A Void Magazine

New Internationalist and Myriad
new intNew Internationalist is an independent publisher of books, diaries and calendars. We cover global current affairs and popular reference complemented by world food and fiction, graphic non-fiction and children’s. We have recently merged with award-winning independent publisher Myriad Editions. Myriad publishes award-winning fiction, narrative and feminist nonfiction, and graphic novels. Our books include contemporary and historical literary fiction; crime, especially psychological and political thrillers; political nonfiction; and graphic novels that span a variety of genres.

Independent publisher of poetry and critical writing

Past Tense
Past Tense is a publishing project based in South London, exploring London radical history.

Independent publisher

Peace News
Published since 1936, Peace News is the UK’s only grassroots newspaper covering the full spectrum of peace and justice issues.

Peninsula Press
New press from three indie booksellers.

Platypus Review
The Platypus Affiliated Society, established in December 2006, organizes reading groups, public fora, research and journalism focused on problems and tasks inherited from the “Old” (1920s-30s), “New” (1960s-70s) and post-political (1980s-90s) Left for the possibilities of emancipatory politics today.

Pluto Press
plutopressAn independent publisher of radical, left‐wing non­‐fiction books. Established in 1969, we are one of the oldest radical publishing houses in the UK, but our focus remains making timely interventions in contemporary struggles.

PM Press
Independent radical publisher of books and media to educate, entertain, and inspire.

Polity is an international publisher in the social sciences and humanities and their list features some of the world’s leading thinkers. Polity combine the publication of original, cutting-edge work of the highest quality with a systematic programme of textbooks and course books for students and scholars in further and higher education.

PSS is an independent publisher of printed matter. Working with a variety of practictioners across art, poetry and theory. PSS is committed to producing original text publications as well as experimental printed artists’ material.

Elizabeth creates a variety of zines, they are mostly autobiographical and no one project is the same. She creates work in different styles as she respond to a visual stream of consciousness. Some Querstret zines are diary-like and share ridiculous scenarios Elizabeth finds herself in. Follow Elizabeth on twitter @querstret

Repeater Books
k-punkRepeater Books is dedicated to the creation of a new reality. The landscape of twenty-first-century arts and letters is faded and inert, riven by fashionable cynicism, egotistical self-reference and a nostalgia for the recent past. Repeater intends to add its voice to those movements that wish to enter history and assert control over its currents, gathering together scattered and isolated voices with those who have already called for an escape from Capitalist Realism. Their desire is to publish in every sphere and genre, combining vigorous dissent and a pragmatic willingness to succeed where messianic abstraction and quiescent co-option have stalled: abstention is not an option.

Resistance Books
Resistance Books is the publishing arm of Socialist Resistance. They publish books independently, and also jointly with Merlin Press (London) and the International Institute for Research and Education (Amsterdam).


Saqi Books
saqiSaqi Books is an independent publishing house of quality general interest and academic books on North Africa and the Middle East. Founded in 1983 in London, Saqi’s links with cutting edge and authoritative voices have led to a rigorous reassessment of Arab cultural heritage.

Shalimar Books
Shalimar Books specialises in Indian books in the UK, and Indian books written in English. An associate of Soma Books Indian bookshop in London.

Shy Radicals
Shy Radicals are the Black Panther Party of the introvert class, and this anti-systemic manifesto is a quiet and thoughtful polemic, a satire that uses anti-colonial theory to build a critique of dominant culture and the rising tide of Islamophobia. Shy Radicals author Hamja Ahsan is an artist, curator and activist based in London. He is the Free Talha Ahsan campaign organiser

Sine Theta
sinθ is an international print-based creative arts magazine made by and for the sino diaspora.

Small Press Project from Slade School of Art 
The Small Press Project is an annual event inspired by the Little Magazines, Alternative Press & Poetry Store Collections held by UCL Library Services Special Collections. The event includes a one day symposium, an exhibition of book works and the launch of a limited edition publication made by the staff and students at the Slade School of Fine Art. The collections are a globally significant collection of Little Magazines, literary pamphlets, and counter-cultural newspapers produced as a result of the independent publishing scene of the mid 20th century to the present with a strong focus on experimental text and image, visual and concrete poetry, the documentation of performance and sound poetry, and text works. For the London Radical Book Fair 2018 publications made on the occasion of the Small Press Project will be available plus a selection of works by students who produce book works and zines.

Solidarity not Charity
Charity focusing on refugee aid.

Soofiya Andry
soofSoofiya’s design practice centres around illustration, visual identity and book design, with most clients tending to be in the arts, cultural and activist sector. Soofiya’s art practice and writings aim to articulate a commentary on gender, race, politics and bodies through a DIY approach.

Soofiya is currently a regular lecturer at Ravensbourne. They regularly speak, teach and facilitate workshops across the UK in museums, schools and universities. Soofiya’s writing has been in a handful of books, independent magazines and newspapers both online and in print.

(Sex Work Advocacy and Resistance Movement) is a collective founded and led by sex workers who believe in self-determination, solidarity and co-operation. They campaign for the rights and safety of everyone who sells sexual services. They organise skill-shares and support meet-ups just for sex workers, as well as public events. SWARM is UK based and part of the global sex worker led movement advocating the full decriminalisation of sex work.

The Word Bookshop
The Word is a new independently run bookshop, catering for the students and staff of Goldsmiths College, University of London, and the local neighbourhood. As part of the fabric and community of Goldsmiths College, working in a collaborative relationship with the university, closely liaising with teaching staff and responding to students’ needs.

Theresa Easton
Printmaking and artist’s books provide a platform for Easton’s interpretation of social history and cultural commentary.  As an artist with a socially engaged practice, Easton enjoys a collaborative approach to making artwork and developing ideas alongside participants.  Community participation and political activism features as a driving force in her work.  Easton is one of the founding members of Artists’ Union England, a newly formed trade union for visually & applied artists and artists with a socially engaged practice.

THIIIRD Magazine
THIIIRD is a new biannual print publication celebrating intersectionality, cultural heritage and diversity in fashion, arts and society. Essentially concerned with identity politics and diversity, the magazine is split into three sections: Mind, Body and Soul. Within these sections, THIIIRD offers a range of informative interviews, fashion editorials, and personal essays presenting critical explorations and transformative ways of understanding. THIIIRD was created from a desire for more. The people behind this magazine work in the arts, fashion and journalism and come from a diverse range of backgrounds and cultural heritages. They are, so to speak, ‘third culture children’ – Nigerian/British; Iranian/Brazilians, Italian/American, Cape Verdean/Portuguese, St Lucian/Jamaican/Ghanian, Swiss and English.

Zine producer.

Tilted Axis
tiltedFounded in 2015 and based in Sheffield and London, Tilted Axis is a not-for-profit press on a mission to shake up contemporary international literature. Tilted Axis publishes the books that might not otherwise make it into English, for the very reasons that make them exciting – artistic originality, radical vision, the sense that here is something new.

Verso Books is the largest independent, radical publishing house in the English-speaking world, publishing one hundred books a year.

Wasafiri has become the UK’s leading magazine for international contemporary writing. Launched in 1984, it is now renowned for publishing some of the world’s most distinguished writers including Chinua Achebe, Kamau Brathwaite, Anita and Kiran Desai, Sam Selvon, Nadine Gordimer, Abdulrazak Gurnah, Ngugi wa Thiong’o, Michael Ondaatje, Vikram Seth, Nayantara Sahgal, Gillian Slovo and Ben Okri amongst many others.

Workers Liberty
The Alliance for Workers’ Liberty aims to build a movement which can replace capitalism, the current economic and social system based on class division and exploitation, with a new society based on consistent democracy, collective ownership and solidarity – socialism.

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