Book and Zine Stalls 2017

Freshly announced for the 2017 bookfair:

Radical Book Fair 2015-5020


Active Distribution Fiercely DIY and Not for Profit anarchist distributor.
Anarchist Federation We are involved in all manner of social struggles and to support these we produce practical propaganda and theoretical texts including a magazine Organise!, regular agitational bulletin Resistance and a growing series of pamphlet.

The London group has recently launched its own paper, Rebel City. We also write for Black Flag and Freedom – before it became defunct. Members are encouraged to get involved with any activity they wish to and to develop themselves practically and politically.

AK Press Anarchist publishing and distribution.
Alborada Magazine of Latin American politics and culture.
And Other Stories And Other Stories is a grassroots social enterprise that works with writers and translators to handpick the best international books for its readers.
Autonomedia Autonomedia is one of the main North American publishers of radical theoretical works, especially in the anarchist tradition.
Base Magazine Publication produced & sustained by the base collective, contributors & readers. Funded solely by donations & printed by Aldgate Press. Formerly the Occupied Times of London.
Book Love No website Book Love specialises in writing, self- publishing and sourcing UK children’s books that tell the stories of families and children from diverse communities across the UK.

They are all self-published and produced by an exciting new wave of independent children’s writers telling authentic, real stories, uncensored my mainstream publishing companies. They are beautifully illustrated and depict a fresh, vibrant Britain not often represented in conventional story books.

Bookmarks Socialist bookshop and publisher.
Carl Slienger No website Specialist publisher and Antiquarian bookseller.
Documenting thorough scholarship and recovering the printed expression of the working class. All periods – all languages – all aspects.
Chronos Publications No website Specialising in translated pamphlets.
Class War There is a class war waging and we are losing it. The rich are getting richer and the gilded elite who have ruled us since Norman times remain in power and dominate land ownership, just as they did when they first robbed it.

We live in a feudal society dominated by an oligarchy of privately and Oxbridge educated toffs who run not just everything from the government, banks, to diplomacy but the media, music, comedy and the Her Majesty’s loyal Opposition.

Started in 1982 CLASS WAR was first a combative, funny, populist anarchist newspaper, then mutated into a similar political organisation. We organise actions against the rich parasites ruining our lives.

Comma Press A not-for-profit publisher promoting new fiction and poetry, with an emphasis on the short story.
Corporate Watch News, investigative information and analysis from activist, anti-corporate organization based in the UK.
Datacide Magazine for noise and politics.
Dog Section Press A not for profit publisher run on anarchist principles.
Feminist Library The Feminist Library is a large collection of Women’s Liberation Movement literature based in London.
Five Leaves Five Leaves is a small publisher based in Nottingham, publishing 15 or so books a year. Their roots are radical and literary.
Freedom Press The book publishing arm of Freedom Press has a history stretching back to its earliest days bringing pamphlets by luminaries such as Peter Kropotkin to  London audiences, and in the modern era has published every year since 1984, except for 2012 and 2013 following an arson attempt on the building.
Haven Distribution Purchasing and distributing educational books to prisoners since 1996.
Haymarket Books Haymarket Books is a radical, independent, nonprofit book publisher based in Chicago.
Hookline Books At Hookline Books all fiction is chosen for publication by book clubs and serious readers.
Housmans London’s oldest pan-left radical bookshop, established in 1945.
IHRC Bookshop and Gallery Based in the London Borough of Brent, one of the most diverse communities in the United Kingdom, the premises stock various titles on the issue of Islam and human rights, as well as showcase the work of artists and activists, striving to work for a just and peaceful world.
Influx Press Influx Press is an independent publisher committed to publishing innovative and challenging fiction, poetry and creative non-fiction from across the UK and beyond.
Journal of Aesthetics & Protest and the Precarious Workers’ Brigade Los Angeles based artist collective whose magazine sits at the discursive juncture of fine art, media theory and anti-authoritarian activism.
Lawrence & Wishart Lawrence and Wishart is one of the few remaining independent publishing houses in Britain. It is heir to a long intellectual and political tradition. Although this tradition has changed in many ways over the years, a commitment to in-depth analysis and serious political commitment has remained.
Left Book Club The Left Book Club publishes a series of high-quality publications focussed on progressive social change in the interests of working people.
Less than 500 Press Independent publisher.
Manchester University Press Publisher of Humanities and Social Sciences research.
Marx Memorial Library Marx Memorial Library & Workers’ School in Clerkenwell aims to advance education, knowledge and learning in all aspects of the working class movement.
Merlin Press The core of the Merlin list are works of politics, history and philosophy associated with the New Left.
New Beacon Books Bookseller with works from Caribbean, Black British, African and African American authors.
New Internationalist and Myriad Editions

The New Internationalist is a leading independent publisher of magazines and books on politics, global justice and equality.

Myriad Editions is an independent publisher of original literary fiction and graphic novels, and producer of the acclaimed ‘state of the world’ infographic atlas series.

Past Tense Past Tense is a publishing project based in South London, exploring London radical history.
Pathfinder Independent publisher.
Peace News Peace News (PN) is a pacifist magazine first published on 6 June 1936 to serve the peace movement in the United Kingdom.
Peepal Tree Press Peepal Tree aims to bring you the very best of international writing from the Caribbean, its diasporas and the UK.
Platypus Review Platypus is concerned with exploring the improbable but not impossible tasks and project of the reemergence of a critical Left with emancipatory social intent.
Pluto Press One of the world’s leading radical publishers, specialising in progressive, critical perspectives in politics and the social sciences.
PM Press PM Press is an independent publisher that specializes in radical, Marxist and anarchist literature.
Polity Press Polity is an international publisher in the social sciences and humanities and our list features some of the world’s leading thinkers.

They combine the publication of original, cutting-edge work of the highest quality with a systematic programme of textbooks and course books for students and scholars in further and higher education.

Repeater Books Repeater is a publishing imprint started by the same group that founded and ran Zero Books. Its purpose is to expand upon and complete the project begun with Zero; that of bringing marginal, esoteric, idiosyncratic and necessary literature and thought into a mainstream that would otherwise ignore it.
Resistance Books Resistance Books is a non-profit, progressive book publisher and distributor.
Revolutionary Praxis Revolutionary Marxist party selling second hand books.
Sable A black and white cultural publication for writers of colour to showcase their work in any genre.
Saqi Books Saqi Books is an independent publishing house of quality general interest and academic books on North Africa and the Middle East. Founded in 1983 in London, Saqi’s links with cutting edge and authoritative voices have led to a rigorous reassessment of Arab cultural heritage.
Shalimar Books Indian books and bookshop.
Smokestack Smokestack is an independent publisher of radical and unconventional poetry.
Sociological Review The Sociological Review  publishes high quality and innovative articles that shape the nature and scope of sociology, committed to the far-reaching intellectualism of sociological thought.  We are also championing a cause: that sociology matters. The Sociological Review is also home to a prestigious Monograph Series that publishes collections of outstanding and original scholarly articles on issues of general sociological interest.
STRIKE! STRIKE! is a bi-monthly newspaper – dealing in politics, philosophy, art, subversion and sedition.
Theory and Practice Radical book publisher and text library. Anarchism, Libertarian Communism, Socialism, Situationism and related currents.
Turnaround Britain’s Leading Independent Book Distributor
Verso Verso Books is the largest independent, radical publishing house in the English-speaking world.
Wellred Books Wellred Books is the publishing house and worldwide bookshop of the International Marxist Tendency.
The Word  A new academic bookshop based in New Cross serving the students and staff of Goldsmiths College, University of London, and the wider community.
Zed Books Zed Books is a critical and dynamic publisher, committed to increasing awareness of important international issues and to promoting diversity, alternative voices and progressive social change.

ZINE MAKERS, DIY AND SMALL PRESSRadical Book Fair 2015-5021

We have a great range of DIY folk doing amazing stuff at the fair this year. Check them out:

Bright Zine Bright Zine is made and run by vegans, for vegans. Printed in the UK onto recycled paper, with as small a carbon footprint as possible.

Bright Zine aims to talk about vegan and ethical lifestyle topics, spreading awareness and compassion.

Cause and Effect Magazine Cause & Effect marries fashion and politics, exploring beauty beyond the realms of the unachievable, the non-diverse.
Consented Consented is a multi-media platform for those who aren’t accurately represented by the mainstream.

Consented was founded in 2015 as an independent project looking to add more diversity to the status quo through print, tv and radio.

Based in London with contributors from around the world, Consented welcomes the ideas of any who want to break the mantra of the norm.

Dysphoria Dysphoria is a trans health collective. They commission work (art and literature) to broaden knowledge around trans lived experiences.
Esther McManus Esther attends book fairs internationally with her small-press publications, and works with a range of collaborators on context-specific projects and commissions. She teaches on the BA Illustration course at UCA Farnham, and studies on the MA Artist Teachers and Contemporary Practices course at Goldsmiths, University of London.
Hook Magazine Founded when editor Esme fell out of love with the fashion industry.
Hysteria Launched in the summer of 2013 by a group of students from the School of Oriental and African Studies at the University of London, HYSTERIA aims to be a platform for radical creative discourse about feminism encompassing poetry, text and visual arts.

For HYSTERIA radicalism means countering a feminist mainstream, positioning feminism outside of the norm. It means redefining, going further, never settling. Radicalism requires an ongoing counter to liberalism and a strong class-critique.

Jon Aye Prints, comics, ideas from an independent artist.
Lex Kartane Independent artist and illustrator.
Other Asias  Other Asias is a transnational family of creative collectives and critical research currents, founded & directed by artist-curators Hamja Ahsan and Fatima Hussain.

Other Asias co-founded the DIY Cultures festival with Sofia Niazi of OOMK.

Other Asias is a general enquiry in independent curating, community-building and cultural resistance on a shoestring.

They stole their name from a Gayatri Spivak book.

Outspoken Out-Spoken Press is an independent publisher of poetry and critical writing. It aims to give a literary platform to poets and writers whose work is innovative, sensual and plural.
Sister Magazine Sister is a magazine for girls which aims to provide a platform for a generation who are frustrated by the constraints of gender in modern society.
Skin Deep Magazine Skin Deep is a London-based multimedia platform that amplifies voices of colour through the discussion of race and culture, inspiring much needed conversations around themes that are usually misrepresented or depoliticised by the mainstream media.
So Fi A sociological fiction zine. Fiction and sociology can do more than reciprocally illuminate understandings of social life. Sociologists can bring sociology not just to fiction, through sociological readings of fictional texts, but into fiction as writers.
Soofiya Soofiya is a graphic designer and illustrator working in and around both London and Reading. Their work focuses on illustration, visual identity and book design, with most of their clients tending to be in the arts, cultural and activist sector.
Their work has been featured in various outlets like Creative Review, The Guardian, Metro, Independent, Autostraddle and more.In addition to design Soof writes about gender, activism and politics for a handful of independent magazines and newspapers as well giving talks and lectures and workshops on the subject.They regularly collaborate with creative folks and organisations. Soof’s ideal Saturdays are spent at zine fairs, working on personal projects, eating ice cream, and rating things out 10. Soof is all about strong aesthetic, trashy style, 80s new wave, neon colours and nail art.
Theresa Easton Heritage interpretation plays an important part in Theresa Easton’s practice. Easton is interested in exploring cultural and historical episodes using contemporary printmaking processes and artist’s books.

Easton is drawn to working with alternative materials to paper and traditional bookbinding styles thereby pushing the boundaries of printmaking.

Using printing techniques with glass and metal, Easton is able to explore the inherent qualities of the materials, on occasions working within the Public Realm, working to commission and producing studio work for gallery exhibitions.

Thouzine THOUZINE is an ongoing project to make a thousand zines.
Typical Girls Typical Girls is an alternative magazine, standing as a platform for a collection of women to share their stories and art. The magazine proves there is no such thing as a ‘typical girl’, there isn’t one right way to be a girl, but to decide you are.The zine is a mix of art, photography, interviews, thought pieces and creative writing, collected and sourced from our contributors. Typical Girls is founded upon the premise of celebration, we seek to create a publication that is wholly positive and inspiring.



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